2017 Media Coverage

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Cara Magazine

Northern Ireland


Meath Chronicle


Six O'Clock Show on TV3: Friday October 20th(approx 4 minutes in)

Elaine Show on TV3 - Wednesday 25th October(fast forward to about 15 minutes)

Today Show with Maura and Daithi - Tuesday 31st October (approx 1 hour 27mins in)

Meath Daily


LMFM - Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly -  Tuesday 24th October - (fast forward to about 4 minutes)

Today FM - Weekend Breakfast Show - Sunday (October 29th)at around 8:40am

  • Alison Curtis Today FM Weekend Breakfast Show.

Where the festival was mentioned

2016 Media Coverage

  • The origins of Halloween This is a really fascinating article about the origins of Halloween in County Meath published by leading archaeology website Ancient Origins. It states: "In an era long passed, all of the fires of Ireland were extinguished at sundown on October 31st and a single blazing bonfire was lit at the epicentre of the annual feast of the dead -Samhain had begun at the Hill of Ward (Tlachtga - near Athboy). The Druidical priests gathered the people together and set places with food offerings for those unseen who had crossed in to the land of the dead. For between the nights of October 31st and November 1st, the barriers between the worlds - which closed the doors of perception throughout the year - would fall away and the dimensions would interact freely with one another. At this time, when the harvest faded and the darker time of winter began, the known and the unknown would meet and dance in the flickering light of the celebratory flames...
  • Our Spirits of Meath Halloween Festival has been named by The Irish Times as one of the highlights of the autumn season!